by Baby Jayne



released November 29, 2014



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Baby Jayne Sterling, Illinois

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Track Name: Way Out (featuring MidiEvil)
Verse one:
Sick of drowning, I'm ready to stand /
But so anxious, I cannot steady my hand /
A bevy of plans that may never come to fruition /
No matter the Our Fathers or Acts of Contrition /
I'm back on a mission until I'm packed in a prison /
Or masked in a prism, I am fact, you're derision /
No life coach or guru, just compassionate wisdom /
Life-giving + death-dealing /
Grim Reaper with the eye of Horus /
Feared, for sure, but our peers do adore us /
The dollar's in the details, the devil will whore us /
+ all the little hipsters will claim they abhor us now /
Resounding chorus now, you were deeper when depressed /
They loved me when I loathed me, feed on my stress /
Heart beats in my breast, yes, my moves are rash /
But I'll continue to make art like an organized car crash

Verse two:
I try to hold my tongue, but it's slippery /
I beat a dead horse only 'cause it stays kicking me /
Old ghosts haunt from a new grave /
Living in a fallen house + my bed's made /
This is glorious defeat, I'm a beautiful loser /
It'll be splinters + sutures before a suitable suitor /
The servant girl doesn't get the prince /
She gets identified with dental records + finger prints /
We all have our ways out, how we choose to cope /
Get high on marijuana, facebook, or hope /
Pray to the sky until the day that we die /
That's not a needle in his arm, he is saying goodbye /
There's graves in his eyes, torturous tombstones /
Some pretty poetry in those bruised bones /
The privilege of a pedestal can be all-consuming /
Heroes don't exist, we are all too human
Track Name: Fair? Well... Minnesota.
"Can you tell me why I'm feeling so blue? /
Rocking crowds that Minnesota hue - you know, so white that they're see through /
Why does my heart feel so heavy? Where does my art get me /
But closer to debt and hoping for death? /
Dose of the cess? Nah, sober as my heroes never were /
Art is not the antidote, antihero's never cured /
Never better? Sure, swallow everything you sell me, bluffing /
Half-homeless, motherfuckers, you can't tell me nothing /
Ego is on Kanye, eat you like an entree /
You flexing like a Big Boi? Don't make me come and Andre your career /
3,000 light years ahead of the pack but /
Tired of staring at my competitors backs /
Ain't no Minnesota nice, convinced Minnesota's trife /
And that's word to that Minnesota knife in my back /
But I came right on a track, now they don't wanna let me go /
Feeling like it's a trap - petty, bro - let me know /
What you can do for me but ride me like a racehorse /
Work me like a slave, like we aren't on the same course /
To relative obscurity, it has just occurred to me /
As I'm writing down these lyrics so furiously, you're not even bothered /
'cause I'm not a toddler, not a child prodigy /
Just a middle-aged Jack of all trades, a wild oddity /
Keep singing LA-DA-DIs, like you are so deep /
[I'm] swinging crockery, put concrete shoes on your feet /
Now you're in shit's creek with no paddle to speak of /
Sweet smell of success, that's what I reek of /
All you small-hearted cynics, hold onto your B-cups /
Dolemite threw the beat up, now my flow's swollen like it's beat up /
Til we meet up again, I love you, Minnesota /
But I must stay an artist, I won't ever be a quota /
Lames take this as written, peace to my sisters and brothers /
Game's full of children, pardon me for being a mother"