by Baby Jayne

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This is a collection of 16s (read: verses) that have ended up on other folks' projects or haven't ever ended up anywhere but here yet. Some are years old, some are days old.


released April 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Baby Jayne Sterling, Illinois

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Track Name: Perfect.
"He walked the line, but drew his own /
She left bruises on the phone /
She wished she could break his bones /
When screaming turned to dial tone /
Vile home, made of glass /
Threw sticks and stones as people passed /
No porch swing, no welcome mat /
A single sign: 'keep off the grass' /
She fought the past, he bought the future /
Even with a plan, you can never be too sure /
Sutures on her broken ribs /
She had love she'd hoped to give /
To perfect kids, a perfect husband /
But what in this life's perfect? nothing /
Worse is something much like fate /
Run your whole life but can't escape"
Track Name: Another Man's Name.
"I'll tell ya, baby, lately I've been thinking /
It seems that our here vessel's got to sinking /
My will is shrinking, let my next question sink in /
Why do we only say 'I love you' when we're drinking? /
Commence to winking, because we're sorta bored /
But when sober even faux love can't afford /
Been adored by strangers when tipsy that rip me /
From sternum to stem upon waking, my scar's I earned 'em - every last one /
My past's fun, but we've got a habit of painting /
A sunnier history even if every day it was raining /
'cause these days it's pitch black /
They tell me it's always darkest before the dawn, and I get that /
But dusk comes again, faithful master, every night /
And if we'll all live in total darkness half our lives /
Then I say fuck it, pull the curtains, let's go for broke /
And sign another man's name to your suicide note"
Track Name: Hereafter.
"Feet to the fire, got a wall made of back /
Stomach in my throat, trying not to collapse /
Been said, 'this too shall pass' /
But I'm sitting here staring at the tool on the dash /
Could turn thoughts into the truth in a flash /
And to think, my life was so smooth in the past /
I brood when I rap, but I sob off-camera /
Can't carry this weight, such low stamina /
Life's either famine or flood, no mercy /
Every ounce of me's scar tissue, try hurting me /
Image not concerning me, keep committing perjury /
Forgoing pills and surgery, here lies a bit of carbon /
That's decaying at a rate that's alarming /
But not fast enough to cause no harm and I am fucking done /
Hour after minute, every second is a curse /
I want to be one with nature, being beckoned by the earth"
Track Name: The Words I Never Said.
"They want my silver tongue sliced /
Prose verbose and yet so precise /
Letters ignite a full-scale riot /
I'll stay spilling my guts til they drape me in violet /
If I'm breathing, I'm exposing my wounds, homes /
There'll be plenty of time for silence at the tombstone /
Bruised bones and metal bars aren't a threat /
It's the words I never said, those are hard to forget /
And I'll offer no defense, I was a coward /
Knees knocking, trembling under their power /
Now I don't just speak, I scream /
And every word I say I mean /
And you can say I'm mean, try to call it hate speech /
'cause I'm out there tryna unlearn the garbage they teach /
Ego's on eleven, raising hell til it's heaven /
Art is my weapon, make my mark with my brethren"
Track Name: Thinking of Myself.
"Looking out for number one, eyes upon my own agenda /
Solitary, ostracized, not a soul that I'm a friend to /
And if my tone offends ya or my words cause you worry /
Just pretend I wrote this off the vodka, with my vision blurry /
Claim you witness slurring, 'she ain't write this in her right mind' /
Left field, real spiel, trust me, y'all, my sight's fine /
Sober as Sunday morning mass, you can call me abhorrent, crass /
But hand to the back of a science book, I will not let one more moment pass /
Letting you think I am the girl you know me as /
You could be on fire, wouldn't even blow on the ash /
I blow counterfeit kisses, you can counter with hisses /
But bet I silently dead you in bed, plus your child and your misses /
It's a dog eat dog world, social Darwinism /
I don't fear a row of bars, life is twice as hard as prison /
Scars? a given, heart is hidden, chart the rhythm, marred your prism /
I'm as selfish as they come, I just mask it with art and wisdom"
Track Name: The Apparatus.
"It ain't a question that I'm blood-curdling scary /
Blow the brain out the back of your neck, bust your capillaries /
Intimidate clergy, shaking since they heard me /
Spit my first quip, stones, sticks, I'm unnerving /
Purging evil out of every pore /
Literally life-threatening, not a metaphor /
Locked behind metal doors, restrained like Hannibal /
Bite your fucking face off, cannibal your mandible /
Sick in the head, yeah, frontal lobe pneumonia /
My smile is a disguise meant to lull you, it's bologna /
I am your owner, here to possess you /
Molest you like a Catholic priest, god bless you /
I attest to swear on my ever-living breath /
When a beat starts knocking, only ever giving death /
I'm murdering the music, bloodbath status /
2-fer is the crew, not a half-bad apparatus"
Track Name: It's Not a Game.
"I wouldn't save my own life, imagine what I think of yours /
Shut up, you fucking child, eat your veggies, do your chores /
Your big mouth's gon' get your little ass killed /
Flexing your puny guns, with little rap skill /
Something dope's what I'm making, you know I'm amazing /
Little hell is what I'm raising, flow is so brazen /
You are not worth saving, you ain't acting right /
Grab a knife, embrace an afterlife of empty sacrifice /
(Tryna maintain) circuits misfiring in the mainframe /
One shell for this lame mayne and one for his main dame /
And anyone down with you can get the same thing /
Icy? let your chain hang, we will fucking rain pain /
Sanguinary, damn, it's scary, used to be so positive /
Not a sole moral left since being left no pot to piss /
It's not a game, I live for beef, straight gobble it /
Who's the target on this track? mate, it's obvious it's YOU"
Track Name: All My Heroes Are Dead.
"All my heroes are dead, 'cause every hero I've met's a disappointment /
But I've got this mic, and I've got this voice, so I guess this is the ointment /
But this is pointless, a waste of money-making time /
I've been at it how long, and still they pay no mind? /
And I say those lines with tear-stained cheeks, pardon my composure /
Or lack thereof, I attack, there's blood, pardon my exposure /
Darling, it's over, I didn't intend to be alive this long /
Told myself to write an exit plan before I write this song /
Will write no wrongs, and I'll give no apologies /
Life is a hollow seed, I will bear no fruit, and that's a gift probably /
'cause I can't even do for self, how selfish would I be to breed /
When I refuse to outlive my twenties? hence the urgency /
Purposely put myself in situations meant to end me /
Made friends with seamstresses, but even they can't mend me /
I'd amend these bars to spare you if I felt any hope /
Penned these words with a well-worn pencil, but remembered plenty rope"
Track Name: Fight Song.
"I can see my breath in the air /
The cold feels like a little death in the air /
I ain't got a buck to spare, no luck to share /
Stuck right there /
Bottom of the ladder, too far to climb /
I'm as vital to your success as you are mine /
Don't dare write off the little guy /
Destined for greatness, but remain a little shy /
Go on and giggle, I don't need your co-sign /
Leave me hanging out to dry - clotheslined /
It's go time, win, lose, or draw /
I might never be a glimmer of the winner they saw /
Winner takes all, but we're left with scraps /
Until they bury me at the left of my paps /
Until I no longer exist, trust this /
I'ma fight like my life is at risk /
'cause it is..."
Track Name: Targets.
"I work a job I hate to put cod on my plate /
Swear to god my fate's to be locked in a state penitentiary /
When the mention me, civilians /
Hold a little tighter to their children, villain? /
Never that, just an anti-hero /
Straight lint in my pockets, I can ante zero /
Dollars in the pot, holler if you're not /
Content with the life you've got /
One shot to make more than a couple bucks /
We ain't starving, we're some supple fucks, g'head and double up /
It's 2-fer the price of one /
FUBAR, Baby Jayne - we're twice as fun /
'cause we came from the bottom, slaves to the Sodom /
And Gomorrah, whore of Babylon, new rap culture /
Shoot that vulture for picking at the carcass /
John Wayne your frame if you're pimping as an artist"
Track Name: A Pox and a Plague.
"A pox on your house, a plague on your children /
I am not the anti-hero, I am a villain /
Blood spilling from your sippy cup, silly fuck /
Dropping knowledge, pick it up, before I beat you with the billy club /
Pitch higher than Minnie Mouse, sit, wired and spinning out /
You'll be dead before you figure out what I'm grinning 'bout /
Slithered out of mom's womb, fully-formed fangs /
Hannibal-ed her head, feasted on her warm brains /
No chains can hold me, so vain, unholy /
No shadows, no fingerprints, but still you know me /
No hopes to clone me, sole of my species /
Famished for flesh, on your soul I'm feeding /
Greedy, witness the wrath of an oddity /
Free of ancestry and progeny /
Ride with me on a pale horse through the wiry gates /
And drop you head first into the fiery lake"
Track Name: No Hook.
"I stay high on that poor man's cocaine /
Barely breathing now, like I'm tied to a choke chain /
Method and some methadone, bet I'm feeling no pain /
Everybody's trying to be the hip hop Cobain /
Live fast, die old, sixty in the slow lane /
Sold myself until it helped, say it with no shame /
#ratchet, take the co-sign over the co-pay /
#rapshit, Hank Hill - stay spitting propane /
Gold chains - never been the goal of this /
No team, last picked, all I do is throw and miss /
Bad bitch in a room full of chauvinists /
If they really loved me, they'd encourage me to fold and quit /
I've got some bolder wit, but pennies to my name /
What if they don't even notice when I exit out the frame? /
Reflected on the pain, and got a tear-stained notebook /
Life's a siren song, and I am gone with no hook"
Track Name: Hate Hop.
"It ain't even a question who flows the goriest /
I'm rap's Oscar Pistorius - how's that for a reference? /
Show some reverence to the Bathory of rapping /
C- student of the game and I will stay there happily /
Emperor Palpatine steez - 'good, good' /
You would offer to battle me if you could, could /
But you are all computer talk, no action - Stephen Hawking /
Leave your figure outlined in even chalking /
You can save your meanest squawking, I speak dots and dashes /
The rip of the clip and blunt end for the lashes /
Though passive in past days, I'll bring your ass to its last days /
Next time mama sees you, resembling remnants of ashtrays /
Burn you like toast til you give up the ghost /
Kidnap the kids, force open their lids, watch you shiver and croak /
The bitterest hope eventually leaves you /
What you're meant to be's see-through, this world doesn't need you"
Track Name: See What Happens.
"Bet they didn't see this one coming - tricky mirage /
Laughing at you and your fake ass - Nicki Minaj /
Think we got a problem - Houston, Whitney /
The greatest love of all is snorting blow off titties, get me? /
Yeah, get me in your lineup /
Before this time next year I won't be able to get you off of my nuts /
Rocking one less ball than Lance Armstrong /
Got a little buzz like a honey bee - swarm strong /
Crew tight like virgin hymen /
You're children of a lesser god, stop rhyming, start signing /
Marlee Matlins of this rap shit /
Lost a little weight, now everybody wants to tap this /
Like a keg at an afterparty /
Going 3/4 retard, can't stop the laughter hardly /
Authenticate as jewels stolen from One-Eyed Willie /
Rubies in my eyes, Goonies never die, fuck with me"
Track Name: Sacrifice the Reverend.
"Overlook the Holocaust, hide a pedophilic ring /
Never mind your caste system, free the people, kill the king /
Sacrifice the reverend, burn his ass in effigy /
I will answer every prayer if you ask, blessed be /
Blindness, leprosy, infection rising steadily /
Every lie that's fed to me's no longer in my pedigree /
Tribe lost regrettably to glory, god, and gold /
History rewritten, our story bought and sold /
Yet this is just the way of things, The Nothing is what praying brings /
Religion sits alone in musty rooms with its greying wings /
Still here Grandma saying, 'swing low' and 'sweet seraphim' /
But Nietzsche told me god is dead, probably time we bury him /
Pull the wool from your eyes, time to sheer the flock of sheep /
Not a word to utter to each other if you're not as deep /
Closet freaks authoritating hordes of hating sycophants /
The skeleton spits hell again, refuse to leave this shit to chance"
Track Name: The Tempest.
"Sibilant soundscape, puckering like politicians /
Kiss hands, shake babies, this is the world we live in /
Save the day or watch Rome burn? /
Bite the hand that feeds you, crush those who need you, it's your turn /
Everybody's out for self, we do this for us and without your help /
You wouldn't be evident without your wealth, you're a fraud, with your pauses, you out yourself /
We don't even have to pull the veil, it's all so surface /
Still you speak, expose the philistine with no purpose /
Gutless gospel, hyperbole, and it's all from the hip /
Subterfuge, man, I loved this dude, til he stalled and he slipped /
Let lies fall from his lips without his former sorcery /
Promised to stay the course with me, betrayed, now I want his portion seized /
Kill the king, go for the jester's jugular /
In a canteen full of charlatans, I'm a self-confessed smuggler /
Of earnestly and purposely pithy proclamations, not worth saving /
Hear the honed high notes lifting out the basement"